How to Prepare Tasty Nigerian Meat Pie

How To Prepare Tasty Nigerian Meat Pie

The aroma in Nigerian meat pie is so great and inviting, Nigerian meat pie it’s not a snacks you can bake in the secret of your kitchen keeping all the aroma to yourself because your neighbors will know that something nice is cooking in your kitchen 😁 Nigerian meat pie has some fillings unlike other … Read more

How To Prepare Healthy Date Syrup

How to prepare healthy date syrup. We cannot dispute the fact that God has already blessed us with a lot of natural fruits which help our body system and part of this fruit is date. Date is known as Esoo Meka in Yoruba language, It’s also called dabino in hausa language. Date is an edible … Read more

Perfect Brown Doughnut Recipe

Perfect Doughnut Recipe

Doughnut is a worldwide known snack but commonly make by African, with this perfect doughnut recipe I bet you will love the outcome. Doughnut have this attractive look that make people want to have a bite. As a small scare business woman/man you can start up small dougnut business with a Perfect doughnut recipe,  which … Read more

Nigerian Puff Puff: Home Made Puff Puff

Puff Puff; Homemade Puff Puff

Homemade Nigerian Puff puff is a snack with a simple recipes. Home made puff puff is a little bit different from the street one, because it contains some additional ingredients which is Onions, pepper and eggs. Puff puff is a sweet deep-fried snack, it’s of the same snack with Bofrot by Ghanaians and Beignet. Puff Puff … Read more

Yummy Chin Chin Recipes

Simple Chin Chin Recipe

Chin chin is a snack enjoyed by both young and old, it’s a snack commonly made in Africa especially Nigerians. There are two types of chin chin, which is frying and baking. But looking at,  the frying type is the most common way of making chin chin, most people prefer the frying method to bake … Read more