Homemade Nigerian Puff puff is a snack with a simple recipes.

Home made puff puff is a little bit different from the street one, because it contains some additional ingredients which is Onions, pepper and eggs.

Puff puff is a sweet deep-fried snack, it’s of the same snack with Bofrot by Ghanaians and Beignet.

Puff Puff can be serve as breakfast or eat at anytime of the day.
It can as be serve as in between meal or as appetizer.

Puff puff is not like buns though it as almost the same size but Puff puff required more time and patience to make because of the preparation time.

which is the time for the yeast to shock and the time for the batter to raise and double in size. so why making it we have to give it time.



  • When making Puff puff use a shallow bowl.
    Give it time to raise well by putting it in a warm area.
  • Make sure the oil is hot enough better putting in your batter.
  • Do not over crowd your frypan.
    To have a nice round shape, it should float on tope of the oil.
  • When you’re frying reduce the hear so as to allow it to fry well


Ingredients for home made Nigerian Puffpuff

  1. 3 cups of plain flour
  2. 1 cups of granulated sugar or according to your taste
  3. 3 teaspoons of active yeast
  4. 1/4 tsp of nutmeg
  5. 3 eggs
  6. Pepper
  7. Small size onion
  8. 2 cups of warm water
  9. A pinch of salt
  10. Vegetable oil( for frying)


Onion, Sugar and Pepper


In a bowl drive your flour in to get rid of any particles or dirt in it.
Add all the dry ingredients and mix well using spatula.

Add I cup of warm water in a bowl add your dry yeast mix the yeast and cover very well.
Let your yeast prove for 5-10 minutes.

In the middle of your dry ingredients makes well add in those three eggs, add yeast mixture, to make loose a little bit add a cup of warm water.

Add your onion and pepper (optional)
Mix very well using a wooden spoon for about 2minutes to have a smooth batter
Your batter should be moderate which is not too thick nor too thin.

Now cover it with foil paper and use your kitchen towel to cover it again so as to allow it to raise well.

Place it a warm area.
Leave it for 70 – 90 minutes
Clean your frypan, you can also use pot.


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Frying Process

On your cooking gas or stove place your frypan on it allow it to fry then add your oil.

The oil should be enough to deep fry, allow the oil to heat well.


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Scoop your batter using a round measuring spoon or use your clean hand ( I prefer using my hand)

when using hand get a small bowl put some water in it, then deep your hand inside the water before putting it in your batter,  put the batter in-between your Palm and release some batter into the oil.

Fry with medium heat so as to allow it to fry well and not get burnt.


Puff Puff in the making with oil on fire

Frying in small batches. Flip to fry ball on both sides, stir your Puffpuff so one side will not get burnt while frying.


Puff Puff; Homemade Puff Puff
Take your Puff puff out when it’s golden brown.
Now your homemade Nigerian puffpuff is ready to consume. Serve with any drink of your choice


Readied Nigerian Puff Puff; Homemade Puff Puff


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